What is “UNITY”?

We formed the strongest Dancing team from selected studios in Niigata.
Our concept is “Bringing up the cultural and social value of Dance not by competing but by sharing”.
Dancing is getting recognized as an important culture. Children learn to dance at schools.
However, dancers themselves are still struggling to have social recognition. This is why we need to create the field for them to become physically and emotionally strong and fulfilled to be able to keep dancing not just for fun but also as “the way to live”.
Everything starts from Niigata. We believe that we can make a peaceful world through dancing.




Unity:regular performance

Huge dancing event with the dancers from various dancing group from Niigata.
This event has become a place for dancers to meet and learn.
This is a new type of performance to create the value.
We can show our dance to the world thanks to the local support.

Wakaty:regular event

These events are held 3 to 4 times a year by the young members of Unity Company.
We perform in multiple events like competitions, community events throughout the year to give them opportunities to grow.
Our fields are not only dancing but also fashions, arts, music. We send you some new connections.
One of the concepts is uniqueness. By fostering identity, we can discover the uniqueness from the members.

WS (Workshop)

We organize amazing workshop 3 to 4 times a month. We have invited many world famous dancers to Niigata.
You can see their great techniques and personalities.
We also believe it is important to communicate and create positive atmosphere during the lessons so they want to come back again.
You can experience “the real” here in Niigata. Don’t miss it.




This company is composed by some studios, team, dancers in Niigata. We share our dance philosophy, technique, characteristic.
We are passionate about educating next generation through dancing by giving them best experiences.


Once a week lesson in SUGA DANCE INNOVATION to share skills and motivations.
Besides the lessons, we regularly make some videos which promote Niigata city to foster every dancers. These videos are produced by the world famous dancers.


We plan LA tour. Some selected members can visit there to improve their skills and to make new connections to the world.